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Local Talents Gallery

Local Talents Gallery

Come on in and enjoy beautiful works of local artists at the Bims' Local Talents



Machines are always cleaned, disinfected and sanitized.
Drop-off wash and fold at $2.38/lb
Self-service new high efficiency machines from regular size to huge.

Dry Cleaning

Quality dry cleaning at the best prices around.

Pick-up & Delivery

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Partial Price List

Quantity Fabric Process Cost
13 Gal Kitchen Bag Closed
weight 9-13 lbs.
Mixed Colors $27.88
30"x40" Laundry Bag Closed
weight 13-19 lbs.
Mixed Colors $57.88
13 Gal Kitchen Bag Closed
weight 9-13 lbs.
Separate Whites $30.88
30"x40" Laundry Bag Closed
weight 9-13 lbs.
Separate Whites $59.88

Café Menu

Served All Day while Fresh Ingredients Last

Hot Drinks 12oz. Swiss Crafted Espresso
Café Au Lait
Hot Chocolate
Black, Red or Green Tea
Moroccan Mint Tea
Natural Herbal Tea
Spiced Chai
Cold drinks 16oz. Smoothies
Milk Shakes
Iced Coffees
Iced Tea
With protein, amino acids or other supplements add $2.40
Desserts Croissants

About Us

Our guests expect fresh, healthy tasty food and drinks, we are constantly improving.

Our customers are clean freaks, so we don't get a break!

What they say about Bims Laundry Café

Bims Laundry Café is a gem! The facilities are clean with brand-new machines. The prices are very reasonable, even lower than other (less maintained) laundromats I have visited. The owners are friendly and helpful, as well. I love being able to sip on a coffee in their cafe area while I wait on my laundry. Next time I’ll bring more of an appetite so I can try the yummy looking falafel!

Google Reviewer MM Kay

The food at Bims Laundry Café is great, freshly made, with a friendly staff. All of the laundry machines are brand new, and are set to the lowest prices in town. I'm thankful I found this place and happy that it's in my neighborhood